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Why we have a holiday home in Helmsdale?

Holidays in the highland fishing village of Helmsdale were an intrinsic part of our childhood.  Our family spent a lot of time growing up in the area doing all the outdoor activities of our generation: walking along Helmsdale river, climbing hills at the back of the village, exploring the bay at Navidale, picnicking on Loth beach and sunbathing  by Loch Brora.     

Most importantly, amongst all these holiday activities, we spent time with our immediate and extended family: cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, all helping to maintain an important link between sections of our family.    


Our dad was born in Helmsdale in 1925 and at the age of 16 years left to find employment and to take up national service.   Yet the ties to his homeland were strong and after his return as a prisoner of war and his marriage to our mother the family regularly returned to Helmsdale.  As his own family grew in size these visits became more frequent and more important.  It provided a welcome opportunity for the extended clan to reunite on common ground whether beachside, lochside or pub-side!


Now these clan meetings have continued for over 60 years ... and continue to do so ..... hence our holiday home, Valhalla.   It provides the perfect base for past and future generations to meet and to reconnect.   


Welcome to Valhalla and we hope you enjoy our holiday home as much as we do!

Valhalla Holiday Home, Helmsdale
“Make Yourself at Home!"