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Berriedale Braes, Sutherland, Scotland

Drive along the A9 north of Helmsdale and one of the most difficult, exposed and twistiest sections of the whole length of the road brings you to the Berriedale Braes. The end of this stretch is marked definitively by the steep descent (including a gravel trap in case your lorry's brakes fail) to a sharp corner which marks the start of an even steeper climb to the north: a climb that comes complete with hairpin bends.


Two rivers, the Berriedale Water and the Langwell Water each carve steep wooded valleys out of the surrounding countryside before meeting a few hundred yards inland. Berriedale Braes is the result of their joint effort to cut their way through to the sea.


Following a very minor road on the seaward side of the A9 leads along the combined river to the point at which it flows into the sea. The river takes a convoluted path just before it actually meets the sea it takes a sharp left turn and leaves a spur of rock projecting from the south and protecting the mouth of the river.  


Close by a pedestrian suspension bridge gives access to a scattering of old fisher cottages on the north side of the river mouth. The faint remains of Berriedale Castle can be seen opposite looking out to sea. 





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