For a couple of nice short walks:

1. When leaving the house, turn right and head up past the church, keep left going towards the golf club - on the left hand side you will come to a set of stairs going down towards the river bank.  At the bottom of the steps, turn right and go along the track (waterproof shoes are best for this if it has been raining.)  Walk up the side of the river for as long as you want but it goes for 1 mile and eventually come to a stile - over which takes you back up some stairs onto the road which brings you back down to the village past the golf course (40 mins max)

2. When you get to the bottom of stairs go left along river bank pass St. Johns Well and down into the clearing at the old Bridge.  The steps take you up to the Hotel, cross over the old bridge, turn left along footpath that takes you under the new bridge and round onto the beach.  Follow the path round and up at the end which brings you out on the A9 - cross over (carefully) and through the football field and back down over the old bridge to the house.  (25 mins max)
3. Go down to the harbour, along the front shore heading north, pass the harbour - keep going, past the new house along the walk way and round the corner to the beach. (30 mins max).
4. From the house turn right, up towards the golf course, at the side of the Golf Club House, take the path which leads up over the hill at the back of Helmsdale.  the path takes you over and down the north side of Helmsdale onto the A9. (45 mins max). 
Helmsale Village, Sutherland