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Each bedroom is equipped with either an alarm radio or an ALEXA smart speaker.

Ash cleaner

There is an electric vacuum ash cleaner in the understairs cupboard. Please use only when ashes are cold. Be careful that any ash in the pipe does not fall out and spoil the carpet.


There is a charcoal burning BBQ for use by guests located in the garage. We encourage you to use this responsibly. The local shops sell briquettes. Please clean the BBQ when you are finished with it.

Bed Linen

Additional bedding is available as follows:
Kelphedir – In the storage box under the bed
Torrish – 2 single bed configuration – bottom drawer under bed closest to window
Torrish - Super king configuration – top drawer closest to window
Suisgill – Located in the airing cupboard
Caen – To be found in storage box under the bed
If you need to change the bedding before changeover then could you please wash and dry the soiled linen.


Please ensure that the owners know of any additional guests.  For insurance reasons the absolute maximum is 8 plus one child in a cot.


Please see the guide on boiler operation. This is located in the Welcome Pack.(Resetting the Boiler). The oil level is checked on a regular basis. We do take readings at the start and end of each rental and ask that your consumption is fair and reasonable. If excessive we reserve the right to levy a small surcharge.


There is selection of books and we encourage guests to read any of them. If you take any with you please leave a small amount in the charity pot on the shelf in the front room.


Breakages are a fact of life. We ask that you advise of any significant losses so we can arrange replacements in time for the next guests.  In the event that we incur unanticipated costs then we reserve the right to adjust the amount of your security that we return .


We have provided broadband access to the internet and download speeds of up to 80mbs is expected.


We do NOT supply candles and request that candles are not used. Torches are located in the two bigger bedrooms upstairs. A rechargeable torch is available in the kitchen. The charger is in the 3rd drawer down. In the event of prolonged power outages, there is a supply of candles in the top drawer in the shed. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Carpet care

We ask that you treat them as if they were your own. Carpet cleaning materials are located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. If you do have an accident, please do let us know.
The door mat should be placed outside the front door during your stay and taken in when you leave.

Central Heating/ Hot Water

The heating is controlled by a NEST thermostat. Details provided in guest book. The heating times are preset but you are welcome e to change to suit your needs.  Temperature is controlled on a room by room basis by the thermostatic valves.

The hot water is controlled by a thermostat affixed to the hot water tank. There should be no need to adjust this.


Kitchen; additional seating is available in the form or a bench seat which is in the garage. A cushion (orange) is also available for this and is in the understairs cupboard.


A full range of cleaning material are located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. If you run out of any these consumables, we would ask you to obtain additional supplies.

In the understairs cupboard there is a Dyson vacuum cleaner, an ash cleaner and a Henry cleaner. There is a floor brush in the kitchen behind the left hand curtain by the patio door.  There is also a rechargeable hand held vacuum cleaner in the kitchen.

We ask you vacant the property on the last day to allow the cleaner time to turn the house over.

Clothes airer

In the cupboard under the stairs. There are also radiator racks for in-room drying. In the garden there a couple of clothes lines.  A clothes pole is in the garage. Clothes pegs are hung on the inside of the left hand door under the kitchen sink.

Coffee maker

There is a Nespresso coffee maker in the kitchen. Some capsules are left for your use.


We aim to provide adequate supplies of routine consumables but in the event that these are used up we would ask that you purchase additional items.


Supplied: Toilet paper; Kitchen paper towels; Washing up liquid; Washing powder; bleach; bathroom air freshener; hand soaps 

We ask that you provide your own shampoo, shower/bath soaps.

Cooking Etiquette

To reduce unnecessary cleaning time we make the following suggestions:
Please use cooking foil in oven trays for grilling
Feel free to put pans in the dishwasher
It is a fan assisted oven and cooking times should be adjusted accordingly. By experience it would appear the oven runs perhaps 10oC cooler than indicated but please verify yourself.


A travel cot is stored in the understairs cupboard. Please follow instructions for safe use.


Please see guidance notes Dogs Code of Conduct.
There are additional towels for dogs in the top left hand cupboard in the lobby. There are two bowls under the sink.

Electric hot water heater (immersion heater)

Do NOT use without reference to the owners.


Fair and reasonable consumption of electricity is included in the rental. We do take readings at the start of each letting and should we find abnormal use then we reserve the right to levy a surcharge.
There are circuit breakers located upstairs on the landing. A diagram is provided to highlight the use of each. If you have problems please contact the owners.


We have available a wide selection of books, games and cards. In addition SKY is provided and access to the usual streaming services is possible by using your own credentials.

Final Day Check List

The last day is often frantic for guests and I think we have had very few guests where something is not left behind.
Change over day is also a challenge for us. We ask that consider the next incoming guests and help us ensure the property is as you would to find it.

check under the beds
bed side cabinets and drawers
down the back of the settees and chairs
strip beds and bring linen downstairs and leave in front of the washing machine
Same with all used towels
Ensure spare keys are left hanging on the board by the kitchen door
Ensure a key left is left in the key safe and the safe is reset
Post your key through the door when leaving
Make sure you have all mobile phone chargers with you
Dispose of your waste and rubbish where possible
If you have a dog make sure the garden is clear
If you used the BBQ make sure it is clean
If you have used the wood burning stove please clean it out
Make sure none of your coats are left in the understairs cupboard
Take all your fridge/freezer foodstuffs with you
Make sure you have logged out of any streaming services you have accessed.

Fire (wood burning stove)

Please see Stove Operating guidance notes

Fire risk assessment

A copy of the Fire Risk assessment is in the Welcome Pack and on the Valhalla Web Site


We have left various foodstuffs in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. We encourage you to use these in your cooking. While we try to make sure that all items are within their “Use by” date we cannot guarantee freshness or availability and of course you use them at your own risk.


There is an additional fridge in shed which can be used. It needs to be plugged in the shed (right hand side) and also into the socket beneath the kitchen TV. The breaker will need to be set.

Frozen Drain Pipes

We have experienced the very occasional incidence of the waste pipes from the upstairs bathroom freezing up. This is due to fact that the pipes are external to the house and open to the elements. Making sure that the sink, bath and WC are filled with hot (NOT boiling) water will help to unfreeze. In extremeness, warm water can be poured directly onto the pipes outside.


There is a wide selection of games in the front room. Some are on the shelf behind the TV, some are in the coffee table and some in the pouffe.


The garage is used a storage facility. There is gardening equipment, garden games, garden furniture, BBQ and much junk therein. It is also a Health and Safety risk area. We ask that you do NOT allow children to play in it and take care when accessing any items.

Garden furniture

We have a bench table, metal table and chairs, camping chairs, folding picnic chairs, BBQ and garden umbrella all available for use.  There is also a selection of outside games located at the front of the garage for easy use.

Garden maintenance

The grass is cut on a regular basis. If its not suitable then he is quite flexible.

Guest Book

There is a guest book in the hall outside of bedroom 1; please feel free to add comments as you see fit.

Hair dryers

There is a hairdryer per bedroom. We do ask that care is taken as these can often get very hot.

Health and Safety

Please see Fire and Safety Risk Assessment.


We have provided either oil filled or halogen radiators in most bedrooms.  The wall heater in the kitchen is on a timer. 1 push of 30 minutes, 2 pushes for 60 minutes and 3 for 120 minutes.

The bathroom heater is not on a timer at this moment in time. However we ask that you use with care.
Never leave any electric heaters switched on and unattended.
Do NOT cover any heater.

High Chair

A childs high chair is located in the understairs cupboard. Please ensure its safe use. When you are finished with it please clean and return it to cupboard.

Hob cleaning

There is HOB CLEANER and scraper in the cupboard under the sink.

Hose - Garden

The hose will either be on a reel in the back yard (summer) or in the garage (winter). The outside tap has a stop valve under the cover beneath the tap.


An inventory is held by the owners.


Is in the cupboard under the sink.

Ironing board

The ironing board is in the cupboard under the stairs


Garage and shed locks – both are combination types and the code is 1867

Key Safe: You will have been provided with details of access before you arrived. However please make sure the key is returned to the safe for the next guest and the buttons are “cleared”.

Spare front door keys should be hung on the hooks by the back door and any other keys posted through the letter box when you leave and lock the front door.


Please let us know if any bulbs go “pop”. All lighting is LED and additional lighting is provided at the bathrooms, at the front and side doors and stairs.


We have supplied a selection of OS local maps. Please do NOT take these away.


Sorry. There are several treatments that may help. SMIDGE is one.

Outside lights

There are a total of three outside lights on two switches. Please switch off when not required.


There is ample parking for you during your stay. Most people leave their cars on the road parked on the opposite side (street protocol). It’s quite safe. Alternatively please feel free to park at the side of the house. Please be careful of the gates, drains staying on the paving.


There is ancient laptop provided should you be that desperate.


Should you have any problems please contact the owners or the named contact in the emergency contact list.


For domestic recycling, there are large next to the fridge.  Please note instructions on the idiosyncrasies of the Highland Council recycling protocols.

Rubbish Bin collection

Please see the guidance on the notice board. Your support in disposing of the rubbish in the right way is very welcome.


Your enjoyment and safety while staying with us is of paramount importance. We have taken all reasonable steps to mitigate risks and put in place safety arrangements that will give you piece of mind.

There are two additional areas that we will advise of. The stairs, especially at the turn, are quite narrow and care needs to taken at this point.  The second place is the entrance to the kitchen from the lobby. If you are tall then please mind your head while going into the kitchen.

Shaver Points

There are shaver points in all three loos, bathrooms, shower rooms.


The shed is predominately the domain of the owners. However on occasion it maybe necessary to gain access. Eg to access the fridge. Please do not allow children to play in the shed.


See the Welcome Pack for guidance on local shopping.
In addition, Most of the major retailers will deliver to Helmsdale.

Shower etiquette

The upstairs shower is electrically heated. It is warmest in the evening.
The Power shower in the downstairs shower room works off the hot water. The number of consecutive showers depends on availability of hot water (Compromised by people having baths, the use of the dishwasher and general consumption of hot water (taps etc).) A full tank of hot water will just about do 3 showers if the temperature in the shower is not set to high, the flow rate is set to adequate rather than lush and the time taken is not selfish. It’s best to stagger use of the shower to ensure suitable availability of hot water. Cold showers are for the army.

Please use the squeegee to wipe down the glass work. The doors to the bathroom and shower room should be left open after use to allow for condensation to escape.

Sky Box Delete code

To delete any programmes flagged as KEEP then the PIN is 0000.


Valhalla is a NO SMOKING house. Please see the SMOKE ALARM INFORMATION guidance.

Stair gate

A single stair gate is provided for your use.

Step ladder

There is a step ladder in the under stairs cupboard.


A chemical free steriliser is provided. It sits on top of the cupboard in the kitchen.

Short Term Licence

Provisional licence number: HI-00557-P


There are LED torches in the bedside cabinets of bedroom 2 and 3.  There is a rechargeable torch in the kitchen. This is regularly recharged but please feel free to top up using the recharger in the third drawer down in the kitchen.


There are additional towels for personal use.:
In the lobby outside the kitchen there are some beach towels on the top shelf right hand side that can be used if you run out.
There are towels top left hand side for use with pet dogs if required.

Tumble dryer

Please do not operate unattended. Also remove all fluff and lint build up.


All FTA channels ae available but most folks watch SKY. We do not allow additional pay-per-view viewings. In addition the TV supports streaming from all the major companies. Don’t forget to log out when you leave..

Window Vents

During the cooler months we tend to shut the window trickle  vents and when it gets warm open them. Please adjust for your personal comfort.

Wood Burning Stove

During the cooler months we will supply an initial basket (an evenings worth) of logs for use in the wood burning stove.
Additional logs are available in the wood store outside the back door (please be careful accessing them) However, we would ask that you provide a contribution towards our costs. We suggest £1 a night.
Some kindling is stored in the wood store/shed/garage. If this runs out the local stores have supplies.

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