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Local Places to Eat Series

1. River Bothy, Berriedale by Chelsey Boyd

A regular blogpost series we will be running for readers & guests will focus on local places to eat and there is no one better who can contribute our first recommendation than our professional family foodie, Chelsey Boyd. Chelsey Boyd is the daughter of owners Jackie & Alex Boyd, and lives and works in Glasgow. Chelsey shares her love for interesting and creative experiences of food and drink on her Instagram account 'CookedbyChels' from all over Scotland and beyond, and here she contributes a recent instagram post highlighting the delights of the River Bothy afternoon tea. River Bothy is a favourite amongst family members when visiting and is not only an afternoon tea favourite but also a regular breakfast and lunch destination. It is located 9 miles north of Helmsdale.


I know the word “hidden gem” gets thrown around a lot but this place deserves the title cos you literally wouldn’t know it’s there unless you know about it 🤣

Just off a really windy stretch of the A9 in a place called Berriedale is the @riverbothyberriedale - a gorgeous little cafe offering delicious home baking, toasties, soup and salads. But I’m here to shout about their afternoon tea.

Now tbh I’m kinda over the whole afternoon tea thing but this place is an exception. You get soo much bang for your buck - £22.50pp and look at all that food!

They change their afternoon tea menu seasonally so this was the autumnal one 🍄🍂 the spring one is in full effect to head to their page to check it out 🌸🐣

Also just a pre warning - you have to book the afternoon tea in advance - but for everything else you can just rock up 🥰 the staff are always so lovely and their home baking is second to none 🤌🏼

If you’re ever doing the NC500 or find yourself up in the highlands - definitely make this one of your stops 🤝🏼

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